Project TRASH

Project TRASH is a platform game for iPhone which we worked on in a project course at LTU. It's only one level long, but we hope to make it into a full-length game some day when we get the time (which will probably never happen).


TRASH is an acronym and stands for Town of Really Awesome Super Heroes. 
In the game, you take on the role of Professor Fabulous. You get to 
kick and jump your way through colorful levels (well, level, singular) filled with evildoers. The video below is from the one level we made. It's still missing a few enemies here and there, and the boss fight is largely unfinished... Anyway, it shows off the game in motion and is worth a look!


We made this game during a project course in programming which spanned two study periods. This made us think we'd be able to make a really huge game, but that was a mistake; as I said, we only finished a single level. The project is kind of on hold at the moment, but we will resume development as soon as we get a little more time on our hands!
TRASH has its own web site here. We don't really update it any more, but it has some more information about the game and its development. If you're having problems reading the site, that's because it's in swedish, and I guess you aren't? Well, that's what Google Translate is for!