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Filurk Demo


  • Move Filurk using the ARROW KEYS 
  • Undo with SHIFT or Z 
  • Restart the current level with ENTER or X
Note: If you want to log in, but can't, try playing the game directly at Also note, the game doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer yet.

Game elements

The Door

The goal of every level is to walk through the door. If there are Wantings in the room, you first have to bring them color in order to open the it.


Those weird little guys you encounter in most levels are called Wantings. To make them happy, you have to absorb the right color and walk into them.


You can push these around by walking into them.

Colored Floor tiles

When you walk on a colored tile, you absorb that color.

White Floor tiles

This are turned into colored floor tiles if you walk on them after having absorbed a color.

Water Holes

Step into one of these to remove your absorbed color. If you push a block into a water hole, they become a new floor tile.


You can unlock these by walking into them after having absorbed the right color (or without any color if the lock is white).